An impressive group of eleven vintage and modern Lamborghini coupes were invited to commemorate the iconic maker's 50th anniversary at the recent Concours d'Elegance of America at St. John's — formerly known as Meadowbrook — in Plymouth, Michigan, near Detroit. While these cars are well cared for, that doesn't keep several from competing in multi-day rallies and laps on the race course in the US and Europe.

Other than Car Number 5 below, a classic 1968 Islero that was a personal car of Ferruccio Lamborghini himself, the cars exude the exotic appearance long associated with the brand. So much so that numerous spectators were surprised to learn that seven of the Lambos are a least 25 years old and five are over 38 years old.

Here's a chronological list of the cars, photos of which are shown randomly below. See if you can identify the models, based on views from the rear, the angle you're most likely to see when sharing the road with one of these high-strung sports cars. In the spirit of competition, we photo debadged some of the cars.

  • 1968 Islero
  • 1970 Jarama 2 + 2 Bertone
  • 1971 Miura S
  • 1974 Espada
  • 1976 Countach
  • 1985 Jalpa
  • 1989 Countach
  • 2007 Murcielago LP640
  • 2008 Gallardo Superleggera
  • 2008 Reventon
  • 2014 Aventador

Informational signage from the concours can be viewed by clicking one of the ??? links. There's also a complete page of photos with ID tags.

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  • Winner of Best in Class award

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