Every weekend during the summer, thousands of people meticulously detail their collector cars for display at a car show… with hopes of being judged Best in Class, Best of Show, Best Shelby 1965-70, Best Pre-War Classic, Best Porsche, Best Antique thru 1924, Best Muscle Car, etc.

Some shows, such as a concours d’elegance are judged by carefully selected experts. At other events, judging might be done by knowledgeable enthusiasts, not-so-knowledgeable enthusiasts, or even popular vote, where the spectators cast ballots.

In the next five, ten or twenty years, do you see a change in how cars are judged? Will collector car owners spend more or less time preparing for shows? Or will owners of old cars opt for informal displays like cruise-ins or cars-and-coffee?

Share your thoughts.

Note added 7/28/13: The initial comments below were made by members of the MGB Experience Forum, who followed a link to this post, but responded on that forum because they are not Jalops. These are British sports car owners predominately of the older generation.


Photos taken last weekend at the Keeneland Concours d'Elegance.